High Water Notice (FUN)

Published November 7th, 2016 

The Falls Lake Dam is open and water has covered portions of the trail. With the temperatures in the area in the mid 70’s it is a great time to visit the Greenway. Outdoor enthusiasts are being treated to some beautiful scenery, wildlife and excited bicyclists and hikers.


Neuse River Greenway Great Blue Heron

What a pleasure to meet so many folks in the element. I have had the chance to introduce 8-year-old Gabby, her 5-year-old sister and Nanny (age undetermined) to the home of 2 Great Blue Heron. As if on cue the largest of the pair flew by. What a treat to see the wide eye excitement from each of them. “There he is! He’s giant!”

Further down the trail I was introduced to a Beaver by 2 excited young bikers. One bicyclist was thrilled to be out in the “wild” with nature witnessing the beaver, deer, rabbits and squirrels. And riding portions of the trail that are covered in water.


Millbrook High Thespians on the Neuse River Greenway

During my 6-mile ride from the Falls Lake Dam to the Capital Area Soccer Center I passed numerous explorers. To my surprise I also witnessed a group of thespians from Millbrook High School working on an upcoming play.

Everyone had big smiles and were enthusiastic about sharing their experience along the Neuse River Greenway.

George Randy Bass